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Wine 8.2 Released With More Improvements For Running Windows Apps/Games On Linux

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Date: February 2023
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Wine 8.2 is the second bi-weekly development release of the new series, following the stable release of Wine 8.0 in late January and the release of Wine 8.1, which began the new development series.

The release of Wine 8.2 continues work on the WoW64 support, which allows 32-bit Portable Executable (PE) modules to call 64-bit Unix libraries, ultimately letting 32-bit Windows applications run without requiring 32-bit Unix libraries. The debug information has been enhanced when operating in WoW64 mode, further improving the support.

Another change in Wine 8.2 is the use of monitor EDID information for querying display names. There are also other changes in the release.

New features and improvements:

  • Better debug information in Wow64 mode.
  • Wow64 thunks in the WPCAP library.
  • Indeo IV50 codec support.
  • Monitor names set from EDID data.

There are 22 known bug fixes in Wine 8.2, including fixes for software like VBScript and games like GOG Heroes of Might and Magic IV, The Void, and other Windows games. more at : WineHQ

If you're running a Debian or Debian-based distribution, such as Ubuntu or Mint, you can install Wine 8.2 by adding the official WineHQ repository and installing it through the package manager. Arch Linux users can also install Wine 8.2 from the official Arch User Repository (AUR) using their preferred AUR helper, such as yay or pacaur. Keep in mind that while Wine has made significant progress in recent years, it may not be able to run all Windows applications flawlessly. However, for those looking to run specific Windows programs or games on Linux, Wine remains an invaluable tool.


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