Banner of Linux 6.3 update will bring hardware Noise "hwnoise" Tool

Linux 6.3 update will bring hardware Noise "hwnoise" Tool

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Date: February 2023
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The Linux 6.3 update includes various enhancements and improvements, including updates to the tracing subsystem. One of the significant additions to the kernel source tree is the "hwnoise" tool, which was developed by Daniel Bristot de Oliveira over the past few months.

The hwnoise tool provides a way to monitor and quantify hardware noise in the system. It relies on the operating system noise tracer (osnoise) and displays a summary of the noise attributed to hardware. The tool works by running with interrupts disabled, which allows it to focus on non-maskable interrupts (NMIs) and hardware-related noise.

The hwnoise tool offers features similar to the osnoise tracer, which is used to monitor system noise. However, hwnoise is designed to focus only on hardware noise and provides a more detailed view of the noise generated by hardware components in the system.

hardware-related noise
An output example of hwnoise

Overall, the hwnoise tool provides a valuable addition to the Linux kernel source tree for those interested in monitoring and analyzing hardware noise. Its development underscores the ongoing efforts to enhance the performance and functionality of the Linux operating system.

More details on the hwnoise tool can be found here: Official tracing, probes and ftrace repo


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