Banner of Marriage in a Capitalist Society: Challenges and Changes

The Impact of Capitalism on Marriage and Family Dynamics

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Women often believe that if they serve their family, they are failures, while if they serve strangers in revealing clothing, they are successful employees achieving their independence and freedom. They are willing to endure humiliation and degradation from their boss at work, but refuse to fulfill their husband's requests, considering them unacceptable control and domination.

Liberal thought, capitalist ideology, and radical feminism have successfully brainwashed women, stripping them of religious values, moral principles, and societal norms that contribute to family cohesion like a well-structured building. Instead, they have implanted individualism, selfishness, and narcissism.

An illustrative example of this shift in values is a conversation between a woman and her friend: the woman said, "I can't tolerate his demands every day." Her friend replied, "Divorce him; there are plenty of men like him." The woman responded, "No, my friend, he is my boss at work." The friend then said, "Be patient, that's your job." This example shows how the institution of marriage has become in the capitalist world, where work and loyalty to companies are valued over marital relationships. Patience and sacrifice at work are mandatory, while understanding and compromise in marriage are disregarded or undervalued.

This is primarily due to the dominance of market values that prioritize materialism over spirituality, transforming society from compassion to contracts. Nowadays, women view men merely as sperm donors rather than nurturers, as financial providers rather than guides and mentors, and as saviors from spinsterhood rather than companions.

Consequently, the pressure on men has become unimaginably intense in our modern era. To gain a woman's approval, a man cannot be ordinary, average, and simple like his contented ancestors and distinguished forefathers. Instead, he must be at the highest material and social levels in his environment, especially since the more a woman advances in her education and career, the higher her demands become. She does not want a man at her level, let alone a man beneath her.

What exacerbates the situation is the fierce competition among women and their cousins and friends over who will win the wealthiest and most prestigious man in their area. Women boast about the value of their dowry, the size of their wedding, the honeymoon location, the quality of purchases and gifts from the husband, the residence location, and the type of car, among other things. Unfortunately, this reality displeases many women.

In the end, it clearly shows how capitalism has affected familial relationships, highlighting the urgent need to reconsider these values and restore balance between work and family life to ensure family cohesion and societal stability.


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