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Apple is forced to make big changes to their upcoming iOS 17

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Date: February 2023
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Apple has yielded to pressure from European legislators and announced plans to open up its mobile operating system. The changes, which may come into effect with iOS 17, are expected to be significant. Third-party app stores may be allowed, with the messaging system and many built-in apps on iPhones and iPads being replaced by open options.

The regulations on digital services (DSA) and digital markets (DMA) place restrictions on major players like Apple, requiring them to make their platforms more competitive and user-friendly by opening them up to more options. This move has brought up security concerns, particularly for the well-guarded App Store, which has been a key factor in iOS's high level of security.

Developers and service engineers are working on opening up important components of Apple's platforms, which would provide iOS and iPadOS users with the option to install apps directly from their devices instead of through Apple's App Store. However, security threats have been a major concern for Apple, who will need to create new tools to maintain the security of its users.

Apple may also make some security requirements obligatory for apps downloaded outside of the App Store, which would need to be verified by Apple before being released. Additionally, Apple has not yet made a decision about whether developers will be permitted to integrate third-party payment systems into their apps or get around Apple's commission on in-app purchases.

Despite these changes being good news for users and developers, Apple is likely to face challenges in dividing the cake of commissions generated from its App Store. Furthermore, while Apple has begun to allow the removal of its native applications and be more transparent about default programs, there are still effective locks surrounding its browser, Safari. Apple also seeks to make more of its APIs and material components available to outside programs, but security remains a concern.


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