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Who Is Astratis

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Date: March 2023
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Rebellious Son of Thunder, Astratis is a fictional character from the webnovel Realm Of Myths and Legends. He is one of the celestials, the original inhabitants of the Hidden Celestial Abode, a secret realm in the VMMORPG game Realm Of Myths and Legends (RML)


Astratis is a strong-willed and passionate individual who is willing to take action in order to achieve his goals. He is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes in, even if it goes against the opinions of others. He is also willing to work with mortals, as evidenced by his willingness to bring Izroth into the Sanctuary. However, he is not afraid to be forceful or intimidating if he feels it is necessary to achieve his goals

Relationship with Izroth

Astratis was injured when he first met with Izroth, he was first person Izroth has met in «Secret Realm: Era of Titans» chapter , after curing him, they worked together to save the Hidden Celestial Abode. In the meantime they got to understand each other, and develop their friendship that turns to brotherhood after the ritual of The decree of absolute thrust.

My speculation about Astratis's role in the story of the game

Up until the first 1000 chapters of "Realm of myths and legends". The primary enemey of players in the game are the Shadahi. who can evolve and grow stronger and imune to attacks they have received before, except Celestial energy according to Resseki (chap 572). Therfore I think that Astratis being A celestial not from the Celestial Realm, but a "shard" : the secret realm. Who wields Ethos (a special energy different from mana ), which by the way Izroth also has by now. will be the deciding factor in the war against The Shadahi.


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